Heathrow Express fares rise even higher

The Heathrow Express, Britain’s most expensive train link, has just got even more expensive and complicated to use from 20 May – with some passengers facing higher fares.

The peak fare for the 15-mile journey between Heathrow airport and London Paddington are rising to £25.00 with the peak time changing from 7.00-10.00am, the higher price now applies 6.30am-9.30am, penalising passengers travelling early.

The train operator says: “We are making changes to some of our terms and conditions to bring us in line with other national rail services.”

The evening peak remains the same at 16.00-19.00.

Although for a singular person to make the journey it works out cheaper, if 2 or more people are traveling together it could actually cost less to travel directly to your designated terminal in a licensed London taxi.

Depending on where you are in London, a journey to Paddington station in one of London's iconic black taxi's could cost you anywhere from £10-£30, where a direct trip to Heathrow airport ranges between £50-£90.

If you combined the cost of a taxi ride to Paddington station and then two or more Heathrow Express tickets, you are probably looking at a minimum of £60.

It's well advised to speak to your driver if you are heading to the Heathrow Express to see if it would in fact cost less to travel directly to Heathrow airport without the hassle of dragging luggage from one mode of transport to another. 

Travellers using the link will find an extra hurdle in the shape of ticket barriers at the airport stations. At present all ticket checks are carried out on board.

Gates will also be installed at London Paddington station later in the year, in preparation for the opening of the Elizabeth Line.