London Tube Strike - What can you do to get around & Taxi app's...

So London's Tube network plans to shut down again until Friday morning (29th Aug) as Tube workers part of the RMT Union strike over a row regarding the 'Night Tube'

They plan two 24-hour strikes, TFL are warning most services will not run.

Tuesday 25 August: Tube services will start at the usual time in the morning but will stop running from around 6.30pm. Services are expected to be busier than normal from around 4pm until the strike, due to people trying to get home earlier. 

Wednesday 26 August: It's expected that most Tube services will run but they will be less frequent than normal. Even if you get a Tube, trains may not serve all stations and only run for a few hours of the day.  

Thursday 27 August: Tube services start at the usual time, but once again services are predicted to be extra crowded between 4pm and 6.30pm. The weekend's second 24-hour strike will then begin, meaning no service is predicted once workers start striking at 6.30pm.

Friday 28 August: London Underground say they will run as many Tube services as possible according to how many staff sign onto their shifts. However, they're also expecting severe disruption all day.

So what can you do to get around ?

At most of the major train stations, London Taxi Marshall's will be on hand to help try & load Taxis as quickly as possible to ease queues & with the use of Twitter they will try & keep the Taxi ranks well served with taxis. If you can't get near to a station then you can download one of the many Taxi apps: Cab:app, Dial a Cab, Radio Taxis, Com Cab, Gett or Hailo which can all be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Play store.

All TFL Rail, Overground, DLR & Buses will also be running as normal.

Good luck to all traveling in & around London.