Q&A with a Cabbie - Lee from Middlesex

This week we talk to Lee, a London Cab driver for over 30 years...

1. Why did you become a London Taxi driver ?

Never found a career home and hated 9 to 5, nearly became a police officer but went for doing the Knowledge instead, never looked back, best job in the world

2. What did you do before you became a Taxi driver ?

Apprentice toolmaker, ran a record shop, car sales, travel agent and for the AA as a mechanic.

3. What do you love most about London ?

It's history, and that London is unique in touching every part of the world.

4. What do you most dislike about London ?

People who moan "it's not like it used to be" London has constantly changed which is why it is such a great city.

5. Are you a day man or night man reason why ? 

I favour nights but work it around family and golf, that's why I'm a cabbie.

6. What is your favourite place or view ?

View - from the 15th tee at Stanmore Golf Club, where you can see right across the city to Surrey.

Place - Simpsons on The Strand

7. Have you got an interesting fact about London that others may not know ?

Wolfs Head water pump

Wolfs Head water pump

The Wolfs head on the Aldgate Pump commemorates the killing of the last Wolf in London.

8. Who's the most famous passenger you've had in your Taxi ?

The Queens brother in law Lord Snowden, an old school gentleman of impeccable manners.

9. Have you got an interesting story about a passenger or job you've done ?

I once picked up a  very elderly Whitechapel lady an pumped her for her war memories, she said "don't talk to me about those German bastards, they bombed me out of 13 houses!" Then went on to tell me her 19 year old newly wedded husband went of to fight the Japanese and never came back. Lovely lady  very humbling.

10. What tips would you give to a tourist ?

If you want to know something, ask a cabbie