Q&A with a cabbbie: our Co Founder Ross

Tell us a brief bit about yourself...

Hello my name is Ross, I'm Co Founder of London Corporate Cabs. I have been driving a London taxi for 7 years now. Been happily married for 6 years and have two beautiful children.

1. Why did you become a London Taxi driver ?

I had many friends that were, and loved the flexibility that the job gave them, and being your own boss was a massive plus.

2. What did you do before you became a Taxi driver ?

I left school and went straight to work for BMW, I was with various dealerships for 12 years. Started off as an Apprentice Technician and worked my way up to service manager.

3. What do you love most about London ?

Wow where do I start, I love how diverse it is, one minute you can be in posh Knightsbridge the next in hippy Camden. I love the architecture of the city and how steeped in history it is.

4. What do you most dislike about London ?

Not many things to be honest, but probably the traffic, sometimes it can be diabolical.

5. Are you a day man or night man reason why ?

I mix it up a bit depending on what's going on at home with the family, normally start the week on days and then nights by the end of it.

6. What is your favourite place or view ?

I love the view on Waterloo bridge of a night time, as the river bends you get great views of the City in one direction and the West End in the other. I also love Portobello Road on a Saturday as well as Old Spitalfields market.

7. Have you got an interesting fact about London that others may not know ?

Cock Lane, near Holborn, wasn't named due to any association with poultry, but because it was the only street to be licensed for prostitution in medieval times.

8. Who's the most famous passenger you've had in your Taxi ?

I picked up a few over the years, but probably Hugh Grant or Rowan Atkinson.

9. Have you got an interesting story about a passenger or job you've done ?

So many it's hard to think of one. It's great that the public put so much trust in us, whether it be taking the children to school un-chaperoned or dropping a package to the other side of town. I once got hailed at the world famous Ivy restaurant and was asked to take 5 live Lobsters to Scott's restaurant in Mayfair.

10. What tips would you give to a tourist ?

Explore London there's so much to see, don't just stay in the centre. And always ask a London Cabby for the best places to visit.